Al Hudhoud is an exclusive agent of ENZA and ZASCO, the largest high quality vegetable seeds companies in the Netherlands with a great deal of experience in breeding the best quality varieties.



Al Hudhoud conducts field experiments to register the products and tests them under various conditions in order to market them through a large and strong network


About Holland

The Netherlands is one of the world's largest exporters of agricultural inputs and products. The great success is because of its innovative agrifood technology. Dutch agrifood sector is a sustainable source of healthy and safe food, which is produced with a great deal of respect to nature and the environment. This has been possible because the Dutch have “industrialized” agriculture


Our worldwide reputation in the field of agricultural knowledge and technology also continues to grow. In the future, we want to continue contributing to effective, healthy and sustainable food provision around the world. And our smart, innovative products and technology will allow us to do exactly that.”

Minister for Agriculture Van Dam


  • As well as being an important producer and global vegetables supplier, the Netherlands is also increasingly exporting high-quality agricultural materials, knowledge and technology.

About Sudan


Sudan the food basket of the world a strategic reservoir of natural resources not only for Africa but the Arab world. Agriculture resource in Sudan is not yet been depleted. A vast country with diverse climate and abundant investment opportunities.

  • Agriculture Sudan's real resource and the backbone of the Sudanese economy. The agricultural sector is the main engine of the economy.
  • A country of multiple natural resources over 200 million acres of fertile land in addition to the river Nile the longest in the world large reservoirs of artesian water estimated 9 billion cubic meter and surface water from attributes and plains  16.4 billion cubic meter all these resources are ready to be exploited the future expansion of the agriculture sector .
  • The country is aiming to reach its millennium development goal through agriculture more investments improving farming techniques and better seeds
  • Determination of the government to rearrange of priorities and redirect investments to improve the economy
  • The size of the exploited land is 30 million


  • Agricultural production represents 48.7% of the total income
  • The situation is changing with the remarkable increase in investment from governments and the private sector in Sudan, making 75% of foreign investment in agriculture amounting to 45 billion The Expected investments 2020 90 billion USD most of the investments concentrated inanimal feed.
  • What makes Sudan the destination of agricultural investments
  • The diversity of land and fertility of the vast 200 million acres suitable for agriculture equivalent to 45% of the arable land in the Arab world, offset by a food gap exceeding 30 billion in the Arab world

The diversity and magnitude of the reserves of water resources irrigation depends on the Nile and groundwater reserves of 9 billion cubic meters and the Nile River stretching 6650 km and 16 billion cubic meters. The diverse  climate created diversity in environments and conditions for the production of different plantations.


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